COVID-19 & Modified Court Operations

  • Posted on: 15 March 2020
  • By: Juvenile Court ...

The Fulton County Juvenile Court joins in the Atlanta Judicial Circuit issuance of an Executive Order declaring a judicial emergency in Fulton County. Effective March 13, 2020, no jurors or grand jurors should report, and no jury trials will be held for thirty (30) days.

No non-essential hearings will take place during these 30 days, unless they can be conducted by video or teleconferencing. Parties or attorneys in any non-essential matters should contact the chambers of the judge assigned to their case if they have any questions and/or need help to ensure their compliance with the order.

The Fulton County Juvenile Court will conduct essential hearings including Preliminary Protective Hearings and Detention Hearings for detained youth. In these matters, parties should contact their attorney prior to reporting to the Fulton County Juvenile Court..

Only preliminary protective hearings (for youth in DFCS custody) and detention hearings, will be calendared on Mondays and Thursdays only and will be conducted at the Fulton County Juvenile Court, pending implementation of such hearings being conducted via video or tele-conferencing.

All parties for other hearing types that are scheduled for dependency, delinquency or CHINS matters, during this period of judicial emergency, are not to report to the court, but should contact their attorneys or the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) if appropriate for further information pending notice of the new hearing dates.

However, if your child is detained or in the temporary custody of DFCS and scheduled for a Preliminary Protective Hearing or Detention hearing, and you believe yourself to be ill or at risk of illness, contact your attorney or your child’s attorney, probation officer, or Clerk of the Court at 404-612-4402 prior to the scheduled hearing.

All new filers should consider limiting their business with the court until the judicial emergency order is terminated unless such failure to file would jeopardize the safety of the child or children involved in the case.