Clerk of Court

Notice Regarding Electronic Filing
Private Attorneys, Court Appointed Attorneys and Pro-Se Litigants may file pleadings and other legal documents electronically via the Clerk's Office email address: ** Please contact 404-613-4663 or (404) 612-4419 for additional information on submitting documents or pleadings electronically.**

The Clerk of Court’s Office is responsible for ensuring that critical areas of the court function in the most reasonable and cost effective manner. The Clerk of Court’s Office has the following additional duties:

  • Record all proceedings of the court, issue and sign summons and subpoenas and maintain all records within the court system.
  • Receive and safely maintain all evidence brought to the court.
  • Prepare and transmit copies of court records to proper appellate courts upon notification that a case has been appealed.
  • Certify court documents or records when transmitted to other courts or agencies and ensure proper recording and safe keeping of transcripts of all hearings, including adjudicatory, probably cause, detention and transfer hearings.
  • Forwarding copies of all case document to criminal court in the event an alleged delinquent child is prosecuted as an adult under state law O.C.G.A. § 15-11-30.02.

For inquiries regarding the Clerk of Court's Office, please contact:

Cedric McEachin
Clerk of Court
p: 404.613.4623 | e:

The Clerk of Court’s Office also maintains and oversees multiple divisions to provide a more effective and efficient organizational flow the court processes. The divisions under the Clerk of Court’s Office are:

Intake Unit

The duties of the intake unit have changed over time. In May of 2011, the Intake Unit was reassigned to the Clerk’s Office. This required the creation of six Court Support Specialist Senior positions and one supervisory position. The unit is now responsible for the processing, scanning and filing of delinquency, dependency, and children in need of services. The Intake Unit operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

** Effective March 30, 2020 please contact the Intake Unit at (404) 612-4419 for instructions on submitting documents or pleadings electronically prior to visiting the courthouse in person. **

Record Room

The Record Room at Fulton County Juvenile Court utilizes an electronic filing system. This allows Record Room staff to receive petitions from the Complaint Office and allows Clerk’s Office staff to access scanned petitions and files through the Juvenile Court Activity Tracking System (JCATS). Electronic records also eliminates the need for a single clerk to manually scan these documents, which creates less paper waste and reduces the amount of time needed to prepare case files for the court.

Due to space constraints, the Records Room was relocated to the first floor of the Judge Romae T. Powell Juvenile Justice Center in 2009. The Record Room’s new location has a much larger file space area and is more easily accessible for the public.

2020 Order of Business

The Order of Business For The Juvenile Court of Fulton County: January - December, 2020 is now available and can be downloaded by clicking the link listed below. The Order of Business contains information regarding the scheduling of delinquency hearings, dependency hearings, traffic hearings, children in need of services (CHINS) hearings and administrative weeks. The document does not contain information regarding the scheduling of specific cases and/or related hearings- visitors should contact the reception desk (404.612.4402) for this information.

The Order of Business also contains information for 2020 holidays and a listing of the presiding judge for each week.To download a copy of the document, please click the following link:

Download 2020 Order of Business