Behavioral Health Services

  • Posted on: 2 February 2022
  • By: fcjc_admin_2022

The Fulton County Juvenile Court Behavioral Health Department is dedicated to the prevention, early intervention and treatment of behavioral health related issues impacting youth and their families. Our licensed and/or certified clinicians deliver direct services, offer clinical support, and provide psychoeducation to children, families, court staff members and to community stakeholders via trainings, presentations, and by highlighting Children’s Mental Health Awareness every year during the month of May.

The behavioral health clinicians conduct and/or coordinate all court-ordered behavioral health evaluations and serve as case plan managers for children who have been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial. Clinicians are also the initial point of contact for all CHINS Ungovernable/Unruly referrals CHINS Intake Form and conduct Behavioral Health Screenings to identify issues, suggest problem resolution strategies and recommend service/treatment options in collaboration with the CHINS Unit. Additionally, clinicians provide treatment and support services to participants in the Accountability Courts (i.e. CHOICES and H.O.P.E) and attend all multidisciplinary team staffings and court hearings. Quite frequently clinicians are called upon to provide expert testimony and provide consultation to judges, probation officers and other court staff regarding clinical issues and concerns.

Ultimately, the Behavioral Health Department’s goal is to destigmatize mental illness and empower families to seek and receive effective behavioral health services and support essential to their child’s success in the home, at school and within the community.

Listed below are important numbers for families in crisis:
GA Crisis/Access Helpline: 800-715-4225 or 9-8-8
Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 or 9-8-8
Child Protective Services: 855-422-4453
Hughes Spalding: 404-785-5437
Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

For more information regarding the Fulton County Juvenile Behavioral Health Services Department, please contact:

Shelly Spizuoco, LPC
Director of Behavioral Health Services
p: 404.613.4669 | e: