Publications & Forms

The Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts publishes the rules of all classes of courts. Upon revision, rules 
for the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and the Uniform Rules of the Superior, State, Juvenile, 
Probate, Magistrate, and Municipal Courts are posted in accordance with OCGA § 50-18-2.

2019 Order of Business
Download 2019 Order of Business (.pdf / file size: 4MB)

Court Publications
Juvenile Court: Long Term Trends & Programs, 2017 (.pdf / 3.2MB)
Juvenile Court: General Information & Overview (.pdf / f1.7MB)
Program Services Resource Guide
Delinquency: Basic Information (.pdf / 715KB)
Delinquency: Basic Info Supplement (.pdf / 312KB)
Dependency: Basic Information (.pdf / 701KB)
Dependency: Basic Info Supplement(.pdf / 395KB)
The Learning Club Diversion Program: General Information(.pdf / 568KB)

Court Rules
Uniform Rules of Juvenile Court

Information for Volunteers & Interns
Download a Volunteer Application
Download a Student Internship Application

Volunteer Opportunities at Juvenile Court (.pdf / file size: 568KB)

Suggested Fall Internship Period: August 15- November 15 ; applications due June 15
Suggested Spring Internship Period: January 15- April 15 ; applications due October 15
Suggested Summer Internship Period: June 1-July 30 ; applications due by March 15